Emissions Reductions

A Free-Market Solution to Climate Change

Carbon Cred enables employees and businesses to monetize carbon emission reductions.

  • Employees earn personal carbon credits for walking, biking, and using public transit instead of driving to and from work. These credits can be exchanged for real cash.
  • Businesses offset their emissions with the carbon credits generated by their employees, and benefit from new streams of ESG data and increased employee engagement.

Monetize Emission Reductions

Employees walk, bike, or take public transit to work instead of vehicle commuting. Our mobile app logs and verifies the travel.

The emissions saved are earned as personal carbon credits, which can be purchased by employers.

Employees make extra cash while getting healthy, and employers get carbon offsets to use towards net-zero commitments. Win-win!

Advertise Your Progress

Statistics from the app are loaded into display screens, highlighting your company’s efforts to reduce emissions.

These screens can be used in large-format public displays, such as lobby screens, or can be embedded on a public website or corporate intranet.

ESG Reporting

Data from usage of the Carbon Cred program is compiled into a company-branded ESG report delivered monthly or quarterly.

We quantify CO2 reductions in relatable, real world terms for maximum understandability and impact, as well as providing important Social metrics and engagement stats.


How it Works


Sandy typically commutes to work by car five days a week.


After her employer introduces the Carbon Cred app, she makes the decision to take the bus to work instead of driving her car one day per week.


By taking the bus instead of driving, Sandy reduces her carbon emissions and earns personal carbon credits or ‘Creds’.


At the end of the month, Sandy checks her Cred balance within the app and decides she wants to sell. With a click of a button, she sells her Creds to her employer to offset their emissions.


The money paid by the employer goes into Sandy’s bank account.


Soon, Sandy starts to take the bus and even bike to work more often because she has joined her colleagues in competing to offset the most emissions.


The emission reduction stats generated by Sandy and her colleagues are advertised on the corporate Display Board, and compiled into an ESG report for investors and customers.


Carbon Cred Solutions

For Business

  • New source of quality carbon credits generated by employees.
  • Advertise positive environmental actions directly to stakeholders.
  • Progress toward NetZero, carbon neutral, or B-Corp commitments.
  • Raise ESG investment ratings.

For ESG Managers

  • Scope 1 and 3 emission reductions
  • Low cost, all digital program. No capital spend.
  • Reports prepared for you with real-world, quantitative metrics.
  • Comprehensive transportation emissions tracking data for compliance programs (IFRS, GRI, SEC, etc).

For HR

  • Build team engagement through tackling climate change together.
  • Directly improves employee health & wellness.
  • New Perks: Employees earn extra cash while reducing fuel & parking costs.
  • Taking climate action lessens anxiety and contributes to a progressive, desirable workplace.

Get Started

Get in touch with us to try Carbon Cred in your organization. Pilot options available.